Friday, October 17, 2014

My Sister in Law Tied the Knot!

About a month ago my sister in law got married! It was such a fun and special day for our family! I was in the wedding and did some of the girls makeup. I didn't take a before so I had her send me a picture of herself with no makeup on a week or so ago. Enjoy the transformation! Also she has a tendency to let her brows grow ridiculously out of control so about 6 days before her wedding I made her go to Miracle Eyebrows to get them shaped, they turned out awesome, I recommend them to all my brides. Remember your brows frame your face, they are important. 

P.S. If you are in the market for a foundation brush, I am really loving my MAC Pro Longwear foundation with the Sigma F80 brush it really creates a flawless airbrush finish. 

And to end, here is a fun picture of us on her big day. Our hair was done by the AMAZING Christy of Simply Captivating On Site Beauty Services. John and I are getting maternity pictures this weekend, hopefully I can share a before and after on myself, I rarely do a full face of makeup these days. Have a good weekend! 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Two Transformations Today!

Happy Fall! Not much to say here! I do have two transformations for you tonight! Hope you enjoy!
Flawless Julie! 

Beautiful Kayla!

Hope to share my sister in laws before and after next week! 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Transformation Day with Katie

I had the honor of working with Katie on her big day last Saturday! Unfortunately I forgot my good camera and had to settle for iPhone pics but it was no big deal because she is gorgeous! We decided to play up her eyes to really make those baby blues sparkle and she wanted a hot pink lip, I used Mac Show Orchid. She also had her girls wear the hot pink lip and I thought it was such a great way to tie it all together! Hopefully I can snag some professional pictures of all the girls together to showcase here or at least on my Facebook page.

Congratulations Katie and James on your big day! They got married at The Summit Inn, what a unique venue with a lot of history! I can't wait to see the professional pictures.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Transformation Tuesday

What a busy summer! I had full intentions of showcasing a lot more of my clients this summer, but a lot of the pictures I did take got accidentally erased before I transferred them to my computer. Thankfully I have a couple weddings left so lets hope I can remember my camera to take a before and an after. Also, among the busyness John and I are excited to announce that we are expecting! I am due mid December and we found out about a month ago its a boy! We are over the moon excited and feel very blessed.

On to my bride, Caitlyn. I have known Caitlyn for a long time, her brother and my brother are best friends and we went to the same grade school so I was very excited to work with her and her family on her big day! Since I knew the family it was a very relaxed and comfortable environment to work in. Now onto the good stuff!


After- She was very adamant about keeping it natural and clean and I think I accomplished just that! I can post product if everyone is interested but its a lot of work to link it up, so just leave a comment if you are interested in knowing what I used! Also her hair was by Shari of Tease Salon. 

Thanks Caitlyn for letting me be a small part of your big day! I wish you and John the best!

In other news, I am really trying to book 2015 wedding season since I had to really scale back this year due to the pregnancy, so please like my Facebook page, review me if you are a past client on (here you can see all my past reviews),  recommend me to a  friend or book a trial run if you are getting married!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Transformation Tuesday on Thursday!

Well I beat my deadline of every other Tuesday but I didn't have time to post this until now, maybe I'll just call it Transformation Day. This is Courtney, she is one of my brides, she is getting married in June. She actually volunteered after I posted last weeks transformation. Courtney doesn't usually wear a ton of makeup so I focused on keep her skin flawless and making her eyes pop! I kept it really neutral on her lip. See for yourself! 

And thank you for all the people that came forward and volunteered I seriously will be in contact with you, except for you Witzberger! (jk I love you!) 

As for product breakdown, I always use MAC Pro Long Wear Foundation and Pro Long Wear concealer. Also I always use the Ardell Brow Duo Kit for eyebrows, I stock all three colors in my kit.
Lips: ELF Natural with a little random gloss over top
Thanks for stopping by, like my page on Facebook please! I want to get up to 300! 

Cheers to the weekend! Seriously I don't drink wine during the week anymore so I live for the weekends, come have a drink with me and my sister tomorrow :)   

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Transformation Tuesday (What This Post Was Originally Called)

I had full plans of posting this yesterday but it didn't happen. My goal is to post a Transformation Tuesday every other Tuesday. It's going to be challenging because I have already had a lot of my trials for this upcoming wedding season and only did one before and after. I am hoping friends and family step it up and volunteer to let me work some makeup magic on them so you don't have to see my face every Transformation Tuesday. I am also promising right now to not photoshop or filter the pictures for these posts. So many makeup photos I see are overly photoshopped and it really gives unrealistic expectations to clients. Enough talk, here we go!

Products I Used:

MAC Prolong Wear Foundation and Concealer
Ardell Wispie Lashes
MUD Blush in GLOW
Contoured with Hoola Benefit Bronzer
Lip Color was From My Plum Pro Palette but I can't remember which one!

So who wants to be my first volunteer? You have to let me do before and after pictures and let me have the creative rights to your face for the day! 

Friday, August 23, 2013

It's Been Awhile

Time to update you with some fabulous pictures of my brides! Before doing so I want to tell you how incredibly thankful I am for all my clients this year and the ones to come! You have made my dream of becoming a professional Pittsburgh makeup artist come true (insert cheesy smile from ear to ear). Enough with the mushy stuff check out some of my amazing clients from this summer!

Lindsay photo courtesy of Kristen Wynn Photography

Traci Photo Courtesy of Pittsburgh Imagery

Emily photo courtesy of Sam Ellis Photography

Kristin and her Maid of Honor photo courtesy of Shaun David Photography

Savanna photo courtesy of a bridesmaid 

Lacey photo courtesy of her brother in law, Sam Kelly
Christine photo courtesy of Joanna Fassinger Photography