Thursday, March 20, 2014

Transformation Tuesday on Thursday!

Well I beat my deadline of every other Tuesday but I didn't have time to post this until now, maybe I'll just call it Transformation Day. This is Courtney, she is one of my brides, she is getting married in June. She actually volunteered after I posted last weeks transformation. Courtney doesn't usually wear a ton of makeup so I focused on keep her skin flawless and making her eyes pop! I kept it really neutral on her lip. See for yourself! 

And thank you for all the people that came forward and volunteered I seriously will be in contact with you, except for you Witzberger! (jk I love you!) 

As for product breakdown, I always use MAC Pro Long Wear Foundation and Pro Long Wear concealer. Also I always use the Ardell Brow Duo Kit for eyebrows, I stock all three colors in my kit.
Lips: ELF Natural with a little random gloss over top
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Cheers to the weekend! Seriously I don't drink wine during the week anymore so I live for the weekends, come have a drink with me and my sister tomorrow :)   

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