Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Transformation Tuesday (What This Post Was Originally Called)

I had full plans of posting this yesterday but it didn't happen. My goal is to post a Transformation Tuesday every other Tuesday. It's going to be challenging because I have already had a lot of my trials for this upcoming wedding season and only did one before and after. I am hoping friends and family step it up and volunteer to let me work some makeup magic on them so you don't have to see my face every Transformation Tuesday. I am also promising right now to not photoshop or filter the pictures for these posts. So many makeup photos I see are overly photoshopped and it really gives unrealistic expectations to clients. Enough talk, here we go!

Products I Used:

MAC Prolong Wear Foundation and Concealer
Ardell Wispie Lashes
MUD Blush in GLOW
Contoured with Hoola Benefit Bronzer
Lip Color was From My Plum Pro Palette but I can't remember which one!

So who wants to be my first volunteer? You have to let me do before and after pictures and let me have the creative rights to your face for the day! 


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  2. Can anyone volunteer? I would love to do this!